Donation Options

When meetings are face-to-face, we collect checks written to the selected nonprofit at the end of the meeting.  Now that meetings are virtual, we’ve added some online donation options.  Here are the three ways to make your quarterly donation:

1)   Donate via check

Write a check made out to the selected nonprofit. Mail it to the Steering Team Lead when meetings are virtual or if you miss the face-to-face meeting.

2)  Donate via the selected nonprofit’s website

After donating online, please send a copy of your donation receipt to (just forward the email receipt or send a scan or picture of the receipt as an attachment) so that we can document your donation and include it in the tally for our group’s total donation. 

3)  Donate via Grapevine

You can set up your one-time or recurring donation anytime at our Grapevine page.

A bit more info about Grapevine: 

  • It is a secure website for online donations specifically designed for giving circles; many of the Women/Men/People Who Care chapters use it.
  • Donating through Grapevine ensures your full $100 donation goes to the nonprofit (unlike donating directly to the nonprofit online, as PayPal, Square or other systems usually deduct 3-6% from the donation).  To do this, Grapevine adds the credit card or bank processing fee to your payment on the checkout page. For bank account transfers, it’s .8% (about .81 cents on a $100 transaction). For credit cards, it’s 2.2% + 30 cents for Visa and Mastercard (about $2.70 of a $100 transaction) or 3.5% for Amex (about $3.50 on a $100 transaction). 
  • Grapevine (like ActBlue and other sites) gives you the option of adding a tip.  The default amount is 15% (i.e., $15).  You can change that amount, if you like, or leave no tip at all. 
  • Grapevine has the option of doing one-time or recurring/subscription donations.
    • Subscription allows you to set up your donations on a recurring quarterly basis (set it up once and you’re done).  Each quarter, your donation is held in Grapevine’s Social Good Fund and then released to our selected local nonprofit once we know who it is.
    • We’ve set it up so subscription donations are charged to your credit card on the 20th of the month in the quarters we meet (no matter when the meeting is). 
  • Donations made through Grapevine will show up on your credit card statement as from Grapevine/SOCIAL GOOD.  Since the monies to that charge go to a 501.c.3 nonprofit, your donation is still fully tax-deductible. 
  • Also, Grapevine sends you an annual report of all your donations (handy for tax time).
  • Questions about Grapevine can be sent to
  • You do not need to send a copy of your receipt to 100 People Who Care .