The Power of 100 People

100 people plus 1 hour equals 10 thousand dollars towards local impact.

The Power of 100 People Who Care

Corvallis and Benton County

No telemarketing, no event planning, no silent auction items to bid on. Simply a great way to give back right in our own community.

What is This Group?

We’re a giving circle – a group of people who want to pool our charity dollars and make a difference in our community.  Our group exists to give local non-profit organizations greater visibility and to stimulate $10,000 in giving every quarter. If 100 people each commit to give $100, we can make a BIG impact four times per year without a huge time commitment in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. There is no fee to join and no cap on how many members we can have.

Our Philanthropy Award

In November 2020 our group received the Outstanding Innovative Program award from the Benton Community Foundation. We are honored and humbled to have our community giving efforts recognized.

See our part of the awards ceremony:

Here are some news articles about our giving circle:

  • We crossed $10,000 when we gave to Unity Shelter in January 2021 G-T article
  • 2019 article – New group aims to boost donations to nonprofits G-T article
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  • Our donation to Quilts From Caring Hands G-T article
  • Our donation to Benco G-T article
  • Our donation to Every Child Linn Benton (ECLB) G-T article
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